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TheMarketingCompany provide search engine optimisation services and generalised marketing advice to businesses in Newcastle and Sunderlandmaking the internet work for your business

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Frequently asked questions


Can any site be optimised?

No. Some sites are constructed using coding methodologies that do not lend themselves to cost-effective optimisation.

Are CMS (content management systems) incompatible with SEO?

Generally yes. However there are bespoke solutions that provide top organic search engine rankings.

What factors affect a site’s organic rankings?

There are around 200 factors that govern where your site will appear in the organic rankings. It is our understanding of these factors that bring long-lasting success to our clients.

Do your optimisational techniques fall within Google’s guidelines?

Yes. We are known in internet trade circles as ‘whitehat’ optimisers. As white hat optimisers we play well inside Google’s guidelines.

Can you guarantee that my site will achieve top organic rankings?

No, we are unable to make any guarantees as to the possible organic rankings of your new site. What we can tell you is that to date we have not suffered a single SEO failure and that you have our personal assurances that we will do our upmost to keep our 100% success rate whilst working with you.

Can you explain what you do?

Yes, of course. All of our works are visible to our clients, and we are always pleased to explain precisely what our optimisational coding involves and how it actually works (though this can get a bit technical).

SEO is not magic, nor is it a snake oil cure-all. We are very experienced coders, and we understand HTML inside out. Our SEO techniques are many and various, and we diligently make up and code your web pages by hand. Hand coding is time (and therefore cost) intensive, but makes your site VERY appealing to the search engines. Each page affords us a coding opportunity to push your site up the rankings for your chosen keyphrases.

Do you sell ad-words or pay-for-click (PFC)?

No. Our optimisation techniques work only on the ‘organic’ listings, we do not sell search engine ad-words or involve our clients in pay-for-click or link building schemes.

Do you accept multiple clients from the same business sector?

No. We guarantee that we will not work with any competitors in your sector whilst working with you.

Can you help me select the most appropriate keywords and keyphrases?

Yes. We have more than 10 years’ experience of doing just that! We are more than happy to advise or assist in this area.

Do you outsource your work?

No never. ALL our works are conducted by our UK based team.

If I want to know more, what do I do?

Simple… call 033 33 44 32 86 or email

TheMarketingCompany provide search engine optimisation services and generalised marketing advice to businesses in Newcastle and Sunderlandthemarketingcompany - call us now on: 033 33 44 32 86