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TheMarketingCompany provide search engine optimisation services and generalised marketing advice to businesses in Newcastle and Sunderlandmaking the internet work for your business

themarketingcompany: search engine marketing

Why is search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) such a critical factor?

The Internet is a very crowded, fast-moving marketplace where those who are seen first gain a significant edge on their competitors. However, gaining competitive edge is only half the battle: the other half is to maintain that edge.

Search engines play a pivotal role in Internet visibility. No matter how well designed your web site may be, its potential benefits will never be realised if it doesn't earn front-rank listing with search engines. In fact, if a web site isn't achieving front-rank listing, serious questions have to be asked about its design and rationale.

Just think about it: if you were looking for a product or service, would you be more likely to buy from a supplier listed on the first page than from one on the third page or another buried even deeper on the umpteenth page?

The big challenge search engines pose is that the criteria on which they operate never stands still. As a result, what wins you business today could lose you business tomorrow unless you're able to respond quickly and decisively to this constantly 'moving goalposts' situation.

This is where search engine optimisation comes in. When your site is web optimised by us, it gains two critical advantages. One is the ability to earn front-rank listing today: the second is the flexibility to maintain its front-rank listing tomorrow - and the day after.

To be most effective, search engine optimisation has to be on-going - it really doesn't pay to treat it as a one-off exercise. A good analogy is sailing where you have to take constant account of the vagaries of the elements, such as winds and tides, and change tack accordingly. You ignore these at your peril.

Search engine optimisation involves a similar kind of vigilance and resilience. How your web site is accessed, from where and by whom - all of these factors need to be constantly monitored. So too does its ranking in search engine hierarchies. A watching brief on your closest competitors can pay big dividends too.

When a potential problem or a new trend becomes apparent, text and coding may need to be 'tweaked', or even completely revamped, immediately to rectify or capitalise on the situation.

Companies large and small are quickly realising the benefits of search engine optimisation. Far from seeing their web site as some kind of stand-alone or static entity, they are increasingly viewing it as a core element of the marketplace dynamic and, therefore, subject to the full degree of fluidity this involves.

That's the way we see it too and is the reason why we've geared our services accordingly.

TheMarketingCompany provide search engine optimisation services and generalised marketing advice to businesses in Newcastle and Sunderlandthemarketingcompany - call us now on: 033 33 44 32 86